SNAPx is deployed in over 5,000 locations including hotels, multi-family units, senior living facilities, parks and more.

Asset Management

One central source to manage your technology assets.

Conference Tool

No need to reconfigure your network for each conference. One simple tool to schedule and customize network settings.


Robust reporting for your network. Track usage, bandwidth, alerts, trouble tickets and more.


Our centralized authentication platform creates a hassle free, secure method of onboarding devices on your networks across multiple locations.


RADIUS Authentication

Gaming Device Auth

MAC Authentication

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Admin Tools

Managing your network is simplified with centralized management tools. Deploy changes on thousands of networks from one place.

Network Orchestration

Network Monitoring Tools

MAC Management

Portal Template Management

SNAPX on the GO

Go mobile with our mobile apps allowing control of and vision into your networks from your phone or tablet.

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SnapX Control
SnapX Vision
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We Collaborate with Top Software Companies

Dynamically pursue convergence rather than 24/7 process improvements develop end-to-end customer service action items.

  • Solution Inc

    Solution Inc

  • Ruckus


  • Aruba


  • Cisco


  • Stripe


  • PayPal Pro

    PayPal Pro


  • Linkedin


  • Facebook


  • Twitter


  • NetSuite


  • Connect Wise

    Connect Wise

Your Resident Technology Marketplace

Our Smart Community is a self service market place enabling residents to manage their technology on their terms.

Take resident technology off your property manager’s plate  |  Increase NOI by enabling self service upgrades  |
Easy to use platform increases resident satisfaction

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Marketplace for Services

Subscription Management

Management of Products/Services


Are you an Managed Service Provider or Network Integrator?

We work with hospitality, small business, property owners and more to handle central authentication, reporting and management efforts.
Reach out to our team today to see how we can help monetize your property and reduce overhead and time spent managing networks - we've got you covered.